Are your drivers falling asleep at the wheel? – fleet insurance team report

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A recent survey has revealed that 1 in 10 UK drivers are falling asleep at the wheel and a further 1 in 4 have felt so drowsy they feared they might do so.

83% of the study group also claimed that they experience at least one bad night’s sleep a week on average and 43% said they are not getting the recommended 7-8 hours.

Some drivers also confessed that at certain times they had been a danger to themselves and other road users as a result of tired driving. Despite this they would be more inclined to put the window down or play loud music over taking a break.

Amongst the most common reasons people gave for not getting enough sleep included worries about work (25%) and feeling stressed (23%). Business drivers are particularly susceptible to these dangers due to hectic schedules and increasingly long working hours.

People who travel long distances for work tend to benefit from prestigious company cars which are smoother and quieter with special features such as cruise control. Although this obviously makes for a more comfortable environment, the relaxed atmosphere increases the likelihood of falling asleep.

With this information in mind, our fleet insurance team would like to remind our business drivers to keep themselves safe on the roads. If you feel drained, a coffee and a 15 minute sleep can make all the difference. Try not to overload yourself with appointments; you can’t do the impossible and nothing is worth putting yourself at risk!

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