BREXIT: How will your business fleet will be effected?

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Brexit Green Card Requirements

As a consequence of leaving the European Union (EU), the UK entered a transition period which ends on 31 December 2020. In the event there is no agreement on the future relationship between the UK and EU, it is likely there will be a legal requirement to carry a physical document known as a Green Card when driving in Europe.

What this means

In the event it becomes a legal requirement, any of your customers who need to drive their vehicles outside the UK must carry a Green Card if they are driving in an EU or specified EEA country.

The legal requirements of the Green Card system mean anyone driving abroad under a UK insurance policy must carry a physical Green Card.

If they intend to tow a trailer or caravan, they’ll need a separate Green Card for it.

Please contact us for more information on Green Card’s and how they will be issued.

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