Charity Brake offers fleet risk management course

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The road safety charity ‘Brake’ is offering a fleet risk management course to a limited number of drivers later this month. The webinar is designed to improve road safety, reduce environmental damage and save companies money through minimising the number of accidents.

Plans for the event came after it was estimated that business drivers are around 30-40% more likely to crash than those driving in their own time. Shockingly, 10 people are killed each week in the UK whilst driving for work purposes and a further 100 are injured.

The course will be primarily targeted at small to medium sized firms and includes discussions on the benefits of managing road risks as well as advice about getting company boards to buy into the idea of making fleet safety a priority.

Current named Brake subscribers will be invited to attend the tutorial that is being hosted by range of experts and practitioners such as Dr Will Murray free of charge. Non-subscribers will be asked to pay a fee of £72 plus VAT to the charity. The course takes place at 2-2.30pm on Thursday 14th March 2013. You can book tickets via the charity website now.

Ellie Pearson, Senior Professional Engagement Officer at Brake said: “In the current economic climate, every business is looking to save costs, and managing fleet risks are an excellent way to maintain service quality, protect the workforce, and save money. This webinar is a vital tool to help enterprises achieve their efficiency and safety goals. I recommend this webinar to all small and medium size businesses who run fleets.”

insureFLEET hope you are able to manage the road safety of your drivers effectively. As a company we pride ourselves on customer service and work hard to look after you at the times when you need us most.

If you are unfortunate enough to have accident, we will always aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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