Custom fleet insurance to save HGV firms money

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Custom insuranceRunning any kind of vehicle today is hugely expensive. For HGV firms, a custom insurance policy could be one way to help save you money.

Although leading supermarkets keep trying to undercut each other with regards to fuel prices,  Insure Fleet believes that these prices are still too high, especially for those working in the haulage industry.

Diesel prices peaked to 145p per litre in the UK recently- the new supermarket ‘price wars’ brought this down by just 10p.

Insure Fleet (part of the County Insurance Group) is a specialist fleet insurance broker and has over 10 years of experience providing cover to businesses like yours. During our time working in the industry, we have been able to witness the inflation in operational costs truckers face first hand.

Although we feel that it is promising to see supermarkets battling it out to produce lower fuel prices, keeping a lorry going is always going to be expensive in this day and age. We work with a lot of HGV firms, most of which are running large fleets and the operational costs for these can be extortionate.

The good news is you can look to save money in other areas-like insurance! Opting for a bespoke HGV fleet insurance policy means you are only paying what you really need. In short, we can take a look at your individual circumstances and remove any features from your policy that you don’t need.

Our specialists have the ability to customise your HGV fleet insurance to reduce your premium-without jeopardising your protection, something which  Insure Fleet is keen to emphasis at this difficult time for haulage companies.

To get a bespoke policy for you fleet of HGV’s, cars or vans (or a mix of these) click here for a quote. If you would prefer to speak to us directly the Freephone 0333 202 3173.

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