Eat, THINK and be Merry

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A recent government campaign shows the consequences of a drink driving conviction on future employment

Our fleet insurance team can reveal that up to a million people could potentially lose their jobs or face difficulty getting work if they drink and drink over the approaching festive period.

The Government’s latest THINK! Drink drive campaign highlights the ‘snowball effect’ that a drink drive conviction has on future job prospects.

Around one million people are currently in a job that they would lose if they were to be found guilty of drink- driving, while a survey has shown that almost a third of people (27%) would have to give up their job because they could no longer drive themselves to their place of work.

Those that drive as part of their job (like many of our fleet insurance customers) are particularly vulnerable to bleak employment prospects if they caught over the drink drive limit.

Many employment opportunities will be off limits as applicants are eligible for criminal record checks. These jobs include professional drivers’ jobs, teachers, care workers as well as jobs in banks and finance.

Up to three quarters of employers also admit to taking a criminal conviction into account during the recruitment process.

Advice from a specialist fleet insurance broker

As well as having detrimental effects on your future employment, a drink driving conviction could also force you to give up the things you love such as your home, car and holiday due to loss of income. This is known as the ‘snowball effect.’

You will also be faced with increased fleet insurance premiums for the years following your ban. Christmas is the time to enjoy yourself with friends and family but if you are drinking the night before work, it’s always better to arrange a lift in the morning.

Basically, the best advice our fleet insurance team can give you is…

“If you are going to drive – don’t drink. If you are going to drink – don’t drive.”

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