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We have pulled together our frequently asked questions from our clients in regard to fleet insurance. Hopefully, your questions will be answered however if they’re not, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Why do I need fleet insurance?

A fleet insurance policy allows you to ensure that all of your vehicles are adequately insured under UK law. Covering all of your vehicles under a single policy can save you time and money.

What do I do if I have an accident?

If you have an accident, call our claims department on 0845 094 0633.

Do you offer breakdown cover?

Yes, we do offer breakdown cover under a single policy. There are a number of levels of cover available and vehicles can be added or changed mid-term.

Can I have an ‘Any Driver’ policy and is there an age limit?

Generally all policies are on an ‘Any Driver’ basis however restrictions by age can be applied if needed. Named drivers is also an option if required.

Can I insure vehicles that are not owned by the business?

Under a Fleet policy all the vehicles do need to be owned or leased by the company. If you are a sole trader or partnership we can accept vehicles that are owned to the principles and partners of the company.

I have a current fleet policy, how do I obtain a quote?

If your fleet policy is due for renewal we require a copy of your confirmed claims experience for the past 3 years. We cannot provide you with an immediate quote as the fleet insurance market is complex. Because of this, we look at each case from an individual basis. Completing a full market search to find you the best deal can take up to 48 hours.

How many vehicles can I insure with one fleet insurance policy?

We specialise in fleet insurance, offering policies that can cover three or more commercial or private vehicles. Our dedicated and vastly experienced team of advisers will give you friendly, personal service and professional advice.

What vehicle use is acceptable within fleet insurance policies?

We can consider almost any vehicle to use within your fleet insurance policy. These fleet insurance policies can either be single or multi vehicle types and based anywhere in the UK.

How do I get a fleet insurance policy?

Please complete our fleet insurance quote form. One of our experienced fleet insurance advisors will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss the fleet cover you need.

Can I insure car fleet insurance & van fleet insurance on the same policy?

A huge benefit of a motor fleet insurance policy is that we can place different types of vehicles on the same policy. We have facilities for all types of vehicles on a fleet policy. This includes Car, Lorry, HGV, Van, Taxi, Haulage, Tipper and Courier.

Note that insureFLEET.com currently have competitive rates for carriage of own goods.

What types of cover can I get for my fleet insurance quote?

UK fleet insurance follows the same suit as all motor insurance and includes:

  • Comprehensive Fleet Insurance
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Fleet Insurance
  • Third Party Only Fleet Insurance

What additional features are available as part of a fleet insurance policy?

We try to tailor our fleet insurance policies to your exact requirements. By determining exactly what you want in your fleet insurance policy, we are more likely to find you the cover that is complete for your needs and competitive too.

Additional benefits:

  • 24 hour claims assistance
  • Detached trailer cover
  • Hazardous goods insurance
  • Medical expenses cover
  • No claims discounts
  • Personal effects cover
  • Replacement vehicles
  • Restricted driver discounts

What do I need to get a competitive fleet insurance renewal quote?

If you already have a fleet insurance policy and it is due for renewal then you should have the details of your existing fleet insurance policy. You should have been provided this from your current fleet insurance broker or fleet insurance company. This is important in order for an alternative fleet insurance quote to be obtained.

If you are requesting a quote for first time fleet insurance then ensure that you have as much driving written experience to provide insureFLEET.com in the form of current car, van, lorry No Claims Discount or equivalent company driving experience.

With our array of Insurance underwriters, our experienced fleet advisors will work hard to understand your needs and find the most competitive quote for you – ensuring it meets all your personal and business requirements.

Can I get an instant online fleet insurance quote?

It is very difficult to provide an online fleet insurance quote due to the fact that no fleet insurance policy is the same and needs to be tailored to your personal or company requirements.

We recommend that you either call us for a fleet insurance quote on 0333 202 3173 or fill out our fleet insurance quotation form and one of our fleet insurance experts will look into your fleet requirements and call you back with a competitive quote and discuss any policy features you require (break down cover, replacement vehicles etc)

Do you provide carriage of own goods insurance and goods in transit insurance?

The vast majority of fleet insurance policies are held by businesses – either small businesses carrying their own goods or businesses transporting goods in transit.

We provide comprehensive goods in transit insurance and carriage of own goods insurance.

This can include haulage, plant hire, vehicle hire, building merchants, construction, wholesalers, retailers, medical professionals… the list is vast

We also provide all commercial insurance policies, including shop insurance and indemnity insurance

For a full list, please visit www.countyins.com or call our commercial insurance team on 01260 273 272.

Can you do family fleet insurance?

insureFLEET is now insuring more and more families for fleet insurance than ever before. A growing number of families have 3-5 (and more) vehicles, especially if they are self employed or running their own business – and a family fleet insurance policy will save both time and money, with one simple renewal date. These polices are available for private use also.