Have You Branded Your Fleet?

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When you have a fleet of vehicles to run there are certain essentials, such as motor fleet insurance, which you absolutely can’t afford to overlook. However, other optional extras can also be important if you want your fleet of vehicles to function as well as it can – and one of those factors is branding.

If you already have a collection of vehicles which are touring the local area or even the country representing your company then there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be shouting about your brand while they do it!

You Already have an Attentive Audience

Much like a billboard, a car is in a public place, and therefore will pass by potentially hundreds of different viewers every single day. These people may or may not be interested in what your company has to offer: if not, you’ve lost nothing and if so you’ve managed to get your company’s name into the mind of a potential customer – their next step may well be to research you further.

A Blank Canvas

Branding your fleet also works well because vehicles provide an empty surface which is perfect for the application of a logo, brand name or slogan. Whether you decide to go for an eye-catching piece of branded art work, a fun catchphrase or an informative slogan, the space is already there, crying out for something which will actually benefit your business.

Company Colours

You can also go for a more subtle kind of branding: if you don’t feel convinced by the idea of having actual visual imagery or text printed on your cars or other vehicles then you can keep it simple and reinforce your brand identity with nothing more than the company colours – this may be especially effective if you use unusual colours which aren’t typically seen on the roads.

A Reflection of Your Brand

Of course, although branding a fleet of company vehicles is generally seen as a good marketing option, you do need to remember that once it’s done you have pinned your colours to the mast – bad driving or run down vehicles will suddenly become a black mark against your whole brand.

This shouldn’t be a reason to avoid branding, simply a good reason to ensure that your vehicles are running smoothly. If you’d like our help with that, whether by taking advantage of the insurance that will get you back on the road or the insurance that will keep you on the road in the first place, you can contact us today – online or at 0333 202 3173 – to kick start the process. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all of the latest in the industry.

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