In-cab cameras and vehicle tracking causes Spartacus to cut fleet costs

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        Fuel consumption fleethas decreased by 8% as noticed by Spartacus Solutions, also there has been a 10% cut in insurance premiums since the installation of in-cab cameras and vehicle tracking.

In-cab cameras and vehicle tracking

Spartacus are now able to review driver’s individual performance and handle the reduction of engine idling across their growing vehicle fleet, during the first 8 months since installation. Spartacus also have the ability to clarify disputes due to the forward-facing witness cameras that in turn provide evidence of traffic incidents or to verify the exact location of a vehicle, since the in-cab cameras and vehicle tracking now provide constant video-surveillance from the driver’s perspective.

 “To maintain effective fleet control, we required a tracking and monitoring system which could capture all the relevant vehicle performance, visual records and geographic data required to keep us and our customers fully informed.” Said Gary Tait, Managing Director of Spartacus.

All businesses operating with the Spartacus alliance, can have information scheduled on a regional basis by Spartacus as well as the company having the ability to monitor every vehicle from a control point through the in-cab cameras and vehicle tracking.

More than 12,000 clients have been serviced and over 391,000 tonnes of waste material have been recycled due to the alliance of industry-proven specialists created by Spartacus. They have achieved this through their services which include secure data destruction, textile recycling, confidential waste, dry mixed recycling and general waste disposal.

Tait also spoke out saying “Our customers come from a cross section of public and private industries, including local authorities and NHS trusts, major multiples and well known high street names. We provide a national service but with a local focus. Whatever the materials in question, a confidential and secure service is required and certainly the fleet management systems provided by Verilocation enable us to keep tight control while holding costs down.”

Apparently many of the contracts held by the Spartacus alliance at the moment would not have been attainable without the Verilocation system’s data feed and vehicle audit information.

He also assured “We can dispose of virtually anything – from used cheques and confidential documents to unwanted uniforms and even obsolete casino chips and quite frankly, the Verilocation system makes it easier, better controlled and more cost effective in every case.”

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