Insurance team explain why your fleet is at risk this Autumn

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Whether business or personal, your fleet vehicles are extremely important to you and if one of them was to get stolen, then this is likely to cause you significant financial loss and inconvenience.

Unfortunately, Autumn is the peak season for motor vehicle theft in UK. There are several reasons for this including the dark nights and longer evenings which provide an increased opportunity for thieves.

Our insurance team recommend taking the following actions to protect your fleet from theft;

  • Locking all windows & doors
  • If you have your vehicle running to defrost it, don’t leave it unattended. (Unattended vehicles with the keys in the ignition may not be covered under you fleet insurance)
  • Fit tyre locks
  • Fit steering wheel locks
  • Use a vehicle tracking system. This may also reduce your premium!
  • Remove expensive tools or equipment from your vehicles at night

Sometimes you do all you can and one or more of fleet vehicles will still get stolen. But don’t worry – these things happen and as long as you have the correct fleet insurance in place then you will be able to replace your vehicle(s) with minimum disruption.

For expert help and advice on finding the right fleet insurance package for you Freephone 0333 202 3173.

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