Insure Fleet is worth reconsidering in wake of single vehicle policy premium rises

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For those businesses that have made the switch to fleet insurance more than a year ago (rather than having a number of individual vehicle policies), they will have had a pleasant surprise at renewal.

Assuming no claims were made (or a reasonable amount of claims depending on fleet size), fleet insurance premiums have remained flat in the last 12 months and in some cases we have seen small reductions.

Compare this against single vehicle polices, whether these are private cars, business cars or commercial vehicles such as vans. Single vehicle insurance – private or business use – continues to rise with premiums going up anywhere between 10-30%. Even if you have been claim free this year. We don’t see this trend stopping in the next 12 months either.

Fleet insurance policies – starting from 3 vehicles – are remaining static price wise and there are good reasons for this. These can be summarised as:

Fleet insurance underwriters can build a clear picture up of the combination of vehicles and drivers
They get to know more about the business, so understand the risk better. This is a big positive.
A business owner who takes a fleet insurance policy could be considered a lower risk as they are forward thinking, well organised and might have some fleet management policies in place to reduce accidents

So if you have had a fleet insurance quote before but didn’t get around to migrating to a fleet policy, the next few months represents a great opportunity and financial incentive for your business to do so.

Single vehicle insurance premiums are rising steeply. Fleet insurance isn’t. Thus you’ll save money on each vehicle. This can represent a significant saving when you add this across all vehicles.
It offers you more flexible business driving for your company – efficiency increases margins.

It saves the business owner (or whoever is responsible for the policies) valuable time rather than dealing with a number of individual policies. Imagine renewing all of your vehicles in one go, or swapping vehicles on a policy with one point of contact….

Fleet insurance policies start at 3 vehicles, and any type of vehicle can be considered. Most of our clients have a combination of cars and vans, with some having more specialist vehicles such as HGV’s and Tippers.

Please call our fleet insurance specialist team on 0333 202 3173 or visit our fleet insurance quote page to submit your details and we’ll call you back with a quote.

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