Most common causes of road accidents

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Great Britain has one of the best road safety records around the world. Over the last few decades the number of cars on the road has increased massively. Despite this the number of deaths on our roads has fallen from around 5,500 in the mid 80s to less than 1,800 in 2012. This is a great improvement however this still works out that around 5 people die on Britain’s roads every day.

The main reasons for these deaths are listed below:


Around 400 people every year are killed in crashes where someone is exceeding the speed limit or is driving too fast for the conditions they are driving in.

Drink Driving

It is reported that around 280 people die every year in crashes in which someone was over the drink drive limit.

Seat Belt Wearing

It is thought that around 300 lives each year could be saved if everyone always wore their seat belt when driving

Careless Driving
Around 300 deaths a year involve someone being “careless, reckless or in a hurry”, and a further 125 involve “aggressive driving”.

Around one third of fatal and serious road crashes involve someone who was at work.

More than 400 people are killed in crashes involving young car drivers aged 17 to 24 years, every year, including over 150 young drivers, 90 passengers and more than 170 other road users.

Failed to Look Properly
40% of road crashes involve someone who failed to see someone or something around them which then resulted in a crash

Loss of Control
One third of fatal crashes involved ‘loss of control’ of a vehicle.

Failed to Judge Other Person’s Path/Speed
One in five crashes involve a road user failing to judge another person’s path or speed.


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