Motor Fleet Claims Tips from our insurance experts

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Reducing your motor fleet claims is highly likely to save you money on your insurance policy and you’re excess.

So how can you reduce the number of claims you have and keep your premium to a minimum? Here are our fleet insurance teams top tips;

  • Ensure your staff are fully informed and trained on what to do in the event of a claim – make this a standard part of your standard training package.
  •  All company vehicles should be equipped with a claims pack that includes the company procedures, a claims form as well as notepad and pen to jot down details.
  • In the event of an accident, the staff member should take photos of the damage to all the vehicles concerned in the accident, location of the vehicles, road markings and signage.
  • Information is the key to proving a non-fault claim. At the scene of the accident, the employee should gather as much information as possible. As a minimum, all third party details are required (name, address, telephone number, who they are insured with etc.) as well as the full location and circumstances. If the claim is in relation to theft, it is also important to have information relating to the vehicles safety features to hand.
  • Fraudulent whiplash claims are common as they are seen as an easy way to seek compensation.   Make sure you record the exact number of passengers (possibly with photo evidence) to avoid absent passengers attempting to cash in.
  • Fit vehicles with trackers – these will add to your expenses but will assist you if your vehicle is stolen, prevent fraudulent claims and reduce your fuel costs :)

Don’t forget you should always let your fleet insurance broker know about a claim as soon as possible to minimise the effect it has on your business.

At Insure Fleet we offer a free 24 hour claims management service, free legal expenses and free like for like replacement vehicles in the event of a non-fault claim with many of our policies. Click here for a quick fleet insurance quote.

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