How to prepare your vehicle for winter!

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It is coming to that time of the year where the nights are becoming darker quicker and the temperature is rapidly dropping both in the day and in the evening. That is why here at InsureFLEET, we want to make sure that you are all aware of how you can prepare your vehicle for the cold months to come.

  • Check your car battery – If your battery is struggling when you start your car, this could be a sign that it’s on the blinker. Make sure you check your car battery or drive to your local garage for a quick service.
  • Antifreeze – This allows the water in the engines cooling system to not freeze over. Be sure to test your antifreeze levels with an antifreeze tester, these usually cost around £5.
  • Screen wash – It’s always a good idea to have a bottle of screen wash kept in your car for emergencies considering the winter months are usually very wet. Another plus for using screen wash is that it has a lower freezing temperature in comparison to water – bonus!
  • Check your lights – The days are becoming shorter and the nights are becoming longer, therefore make sure you always check your lights are working so you can remain visible in the dark weather.
  • Tyres – It may also be beneficial to get yourself a set of winter tyres if you are going to be frequently driving in the winter months. These will give you a much firmer grip in the snow and ice, even though they may be pricey, nothing is more important than your safety.
  • EXTRA WINTER CAR EQUIPMENT – make sure you are prepared for all scenarios and keep yourself equipped with the following:
    Mobile phone and charger
    Hazard warning triangle
    Hi-vis vest
    De-icer and a scraper
    Warm clothes
    A torch


We hope that these quick tips will come in handy over the winter period and that you all stay safe whilst driving. If you would like to get in touch with us regarding your fleet insurance policy, do not hesitate to call us on; 0333 202 3173.

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