Regular risk assessments help cut the cost of fleet insurance

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Many fleet operators are shelling out more than they need to for insurance by failing to assess and cut risk levels.

We can reveal that a recent survey carried out by Tom Tom Business Solutions has discovered that two-fifths of firms have seen their fleet insurance premiums rise over the last year. This is linked to the fact that only 36% of firms monitor driver performance and 71% do not provide any regular training.

Although 81% of the fleet operators’ questioned in the survey reported work-related road safety appearing in their company handbook, only 57% conducted regular risk assessments.

Risk assessments are an extremely important factor in improving fleet driver safety and reducing the number of incidents they are involved in which is directly related to the cost of your insurance.

If you have experienced a lot of fault claims in the last couple of years then reviewing your current driver training process, measuring driving performance and providing support on managing fatigue are just a couple ways that could help improve your situation.

In the short term, please try Insure Fleet for a quote by calling 0333 202 3173 or click here to fill in our short online form now. We have specialised in fleet insurance for over ten years and can compare quotes from a range of insurers to help find you a great deal.

Get help setting up a fleet insurance policy

We can also provide advice on other ways you can look to reduce your premiums such as naming your drivers.  If you currently have all your vehicles on separate policies, we can also provide help with setting up a new fleet insurance policy.

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