Spring Driving Tips

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Spring has officially arrived and while many are happy to see the back of snow, sleet and dark evenings; spring has brought a fresh set of dangers. Here a few important of our Spring driving tips to keep in mind when you’re driving.

Keep an eye out on potholes

Spring Driving Tips - Potholes

The extreme winter weather is one of the most popular reasons for potholes. Heavy rain can disguise them as a puddle, making them difficult to spot. Potholes can damage your vehicle leading to expensive repairs, damages can be:

  • Punctured tires
  • Bent rims
  • Suspension damage
  • Poor alignment
  • Exhaust system damage

Safety tip: Keep a safe stopping distance with you and the vehicle in front in case they react. Never swerve to avoid a pothole as it may put you and your passengers in more of a dangerous situation. Gently brake before it if you can.

Watch out for animals on the move

Spring Driving Tip: Keep an eye out for baby animals

This time of year is when many animals wake up from their winter hibernations or babies are making their first appearance. You will also see an increase in people riding horses along the roads as the weather gets warmer.

Safety Tip: Keep a more eye out for animals, especially is more rural areas. Try to avoid swerving or breaking harshly as it’s a danger to other drivers and other animals. If you see a horse, drive past slowly and keep plenty of room. Be ready to stop if necessary and never use your horn or rev your engine as you may scare the horse.

Sharing the road with motorcyclists and cyclists

Spring Driving Tips - Cyclists on the road

Think bike! Motorcycles are speedy and quite small compared to a car so they can come in and out of your blind spot. As the temperatures increase, you will also see more cyclists especially children cyclists.

Safety Tip: Always take a second look for motorcyclists and cyclists. If you’re turning, make sure you check your mirrors before you turn. Motorcyclists have the same rights on the roads as a car so if you end up following one, maintain a safe following distance. If you’re going to overtake a cyclist, make sure you leave plenty of room to do so. The Highway Code states that when passing cyclists, drivers should give as much room as you would when overtaking a car.

More construction work

Spring Driving Tips - Beware of roadworks

In springtime, there is a rise in construction work. Be sure you plan your journey ahead of time to avoid delays and road diversions. Also, when driving through construction zones, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Be attentive. Construction works and equipment may suddenly enter your line of path.
  • Traffic patterns can change daily to accommodate the work being done so be cautious when you’re getting near
  • Understand and follow the signs
  • Make safe lane changes. Solid lines in construction zones mean that you should stay in your lane
  • Slow down. Fines may be doubled in construction zones. In addition, slowing down can save a life.

Inspect your allergy medication

Spring Driving Tips - Hay fever season

One of the worst things about spring is that hay fever season starts. If you’re affected by hay fever and take medication for it, ensure you read the side effects and follow the safety instructions on the packet. You don’t want to put yourself or your passenger into danger.

Safety tip: Read the safety instructions on your medication and if it says your driving will be affected, don’t drive and organise alternative transport.

Hopefully, these spring driving tips will keep you safer on the roads this however, accidents do happen. In the event of an accident, make sure you and your drivers have the correct cover in place. Our specialist team are always on hand to help you find you a high quality fleet insurance policy without compromising on price.

Get in touch with a friendly team today for a quote, call us on 0333 202 3173 or complete our quote form and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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