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Key things to look for in a good fleet breakdown policy.

As many of our underwriters now offer fleet breakdown cover at reduced rates, it’s becoming more affordable than ever to insure your vehicles against high breakdown costs.

Taking out breakdown cover is a good idea for any motorist that wants to protect themselves against potential towing and maintenance costs should you find yourself, staff or family stuck by the side of the road.

However, its woth being aware that the level of cover often varies greatly between fleet breakdown policies and if you opt for the wrong one, you could be left stranded and out of pocket.

To help you on your way,  Insure Fleet has put together this short checklist to enable you to identify a good fleet breakdown policy;

1) Who’s covered – the vehicle or the driver? You want to make sure no matter who is driving the vehicle they will receive breakdown services.

2) Will you be recovered to your destination? Whether you’re on the way to an important meeting or picking your children up from school, its good to know that you will make it on time even if your vehicle breaks down.

3) Time is money. Most of our providers offer to reach you in around 30-40minutes. You don’t want to waste hours of your time which could be spent doing essential errands. If your current provider takes longer than this its worth shopping around.

4) Will you be paying for a service you don’t use? If you are in a situation where you need to use a breakdown service this is likely to cost much more than an annual policy so its always worth having cover.

Insure Fleet also offer extremely competitive rates for people with a low claims history. Freephone 0333 202 3173 now to receive our cheapest breakdown cover quotes

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