Staying safe during spring!

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Spring has now arrived here at Insure Fleet, so we thought we would provide you with some tips on how to keep you and the public safe and also making sure your car is safe on the roads!

Firstly with rain being inevitable during spring time and certain parts of the country being more prone to flooding than others wet roads are proven to slow your stop time and puddles erode tyre traction. Make sure you always check tyre pressure before leaving and drive carefully and steadily to avoid slipping on the roads and causing an accident.

Secondly with more cyclists taking to the road it is important than ever to keep an eye out and be careful during driving, many cyclists may ride during the evening. Make sure your lights are in working order. It’s vital you can see cyclists but also that they see you!

Thirdly with snow hopefully being out of the equation many storms can still take place, so again making sure all the lights on your car are in fully working order and also replacing your old windscreen wiper blades to make sure you can clearly see through the storm is again very important.

Lastly always be aware of animals during both daytime and especially night time, so be extremely aware of your surroundings to avoid any collisions putting not only the animal’s life in danger but also yourselves (not to mention the nasty damage to your car!)

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