The Logistics of Running Your Fleet

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Our latest blog post helped with the process of setting up your fleet, but once you’re up and running there is still a lot to be done! You already know about acquisition and maintenance, but some of the other important factors are far easier to overlook… so what are the considerations that you should push to the front of your mind?


Steps need to be taken to ensure that your fleet vehicles don’t become the target of theft, especially when they’re not actually out on the road – so make sure that you have a suitable space for storage and equipment that will allow you to keep them secure. Don’t forget that spending out on the security of your fleet is a worthy one-off investment if it allows you to avoid sinking future money into replacing lost vehicles or goods.

Health and Safety

So that covers keeping the vehicles safe… but what about your staff? No fleet is complete without its drivers, so whether it means giving proper training or making sure that you carry out – and act upon – thorough risk assessments, you need to keep health and safety at the front of your mind.

This isn’t just a case of doing the right thing, but also of fulfilling your legal obligations and, once again, a small expense now bringing your vehicles up to standard with relevant regulations could avoid far more serious losses in the future.

Replacing Vehicles

No car is immortal, and when they come to the end of their life on the road you need a clear plan for getting rid of them responsibly. Don’t make the mistake of trying to keep a vehicle running until it disintegrates on the road in front of you: you’ll be more efficient if you keep a healthy fleet.

A solid motor fleet insurance policy will help you keep on top of your vehicles and avoid being left in the lurch if something does go wrong – and can be a beneficial part of your strategy for dealing with all three of the issues listed above!

We can help you find an insurance policy which matches perfectly to the needs of your fleet, and ensures that you’re covered for any risks which you feel you might be facing. Just give us a call at 0333 202 3173 or contact us online to get all of the details; we’d love to hear from you!

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