To our fleet insurance customers – have the olympic traffic-only lanes effected you?

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Insure Fleet, providers of cheap business vehicle and fleet insurance have been wondering how you are getting on in Olympic London?

All drivers entering London have been encountering new road layouts since the Olympic traffic-only lanes were enforced.

Thirty miles of lanes leading to the Olympic complex are exclusively for the “Olympic Family” meaning they are reserved for competitors, VIPs and other key participants. In fact the Olympic and Paralympic route Network (ORN) takes in about 110 miles of roads around the capital but it is the games lanes that other motorists must keep out of.

Early indications appear to show that things could go smoothly with few reports of hold ups filtering through. Of course drivers reliant on their vehicles for their livelihood have had ample warning about the change to the road network and Transport for London (TfL) have given plenty of advice and are still doing so at The website gives clear information about the routes affected, providing maps and timetables for events that take place on the highways around the capital. Any driver typically covered by commercial vehicle insurance who is unfamiliar with the area but has work to carry out in London while the games are on will find the website information invaluable, especially the Freight Journey Planner.

The lane restrictions will be in place from 6am till midnight each day of the games and any motorist straying into the lanes without authorisation will face a £130 fine and could even find his vehicle impounded. The roads affected will be clearly marked with the Olympic Rings and ample road signs should ensure no-one strays into the lanes by mistake.

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