What additional benefits are available as part of my fleet insurance policy?

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Many people often ask us what additional benefits Insure Fleet can offer them, if they took out a fleet insurance policy with ourselves.

What are the key benefits we offer?

  • We offer fleet owners and their drivers a free 24 hour claims management service
  • Fleet customers can also have legal expenses with their fleet insurance but we offer this for free which means we could end up saving you a fortune

Other benefits include

  • 24 hour claims assistance
  • Breakdown and recovery assistance
  • Detached trailer cover
  • Hazardous goods insurance
  • Introductory discounts
  • Medical expenses cover
  • No claims discounts
  • Personal effects cover
  • Replacement vehicles
  • Restricted driver discounts


If you have any queries on what you have just read or you are interesting in taking out a fleet policy with ourselves then call Insure Fleet on 0333 202 3144 to speak to one of our experts who will shop the market for you to find a cheap quote but with all the cover you need.

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