What are the benefits of fleet insurance?

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One of the questions that our fleet insurance team get asked on a regular basis is: “What are the benefits of fleet insurance?”

So here we have outlined a couple of the main advantages to help you decide whether fleet insurance is right for you.

Fleet insurance benefits:

⇒ If you have two or more vehicles then fleet insurance could save you a great deal of time, hassle and money. You will only ever have one lot of administration to deal with and one renewal date to remember.

⇒ If you acquire new vehicles or recruit new staff, these can be added to your fleet insurance policy quickly and easily. However, it is possible you may be charged a small additional premium or admin fee.

⇒ When selecting your fleet cover, you will need to choose between a named driver policy or an any driver policy. If you have a small team of employees with good driving history then it’s likely that a named driver policy will work out cheaper. However, any driver policies are extremely popular as these allow the flexibility for anyone within the business, subject to age restrictions, to drive the vehicles. Flexible fleet insurance is a huge benefit for all fleet owners.

If you are considering switching from multiple single-vehicle policies or would just like more information about fleet insurance and savings on different fleet policies, particularly for new drivers, call our team of fleet insurance experts today on 0333 202 3173. We’re always happy to help!

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