What Does Your Fleet Insurance Include: Why Is It Needed?

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Any motor vehicle that is operating on the roads in the UK is required by law to have adequate insurance cover. Your Fleet Insurance is a policy that will cover several specified vehicles of any type.

We know that in running your fleet, you want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, and you also want to make sure that you’re thoroughly covered so you’re prepared if anything does go wrong.

But while we’re telling you that fleet insurance is absolutely necessary, you might be wondering why, and what exactly fleet insurance covers?.

Why is fleet insurance right for you?

Even if your fleet comprises just a couple of vehicles, there are policies which combine the insurance on both vehicles and try to save to save money – all the while covering multiple drivers.

Fleet insurance is a particularly good idea if you have 2 or more vehicles as the renewal date will be the same, there’s only one payment to be made which makes the administration side a lot easier, and the cost will hopefully be more affordable.

What vehicles can you get covered on fleet insurance?

With most policies, you’ll find that you can get cover for:

  • Buses
  • Cars
  • Coaches
  • Lorries
  • Vans
  • Agricultural vehicles

Can you insure multiple vehicles on the same policy?

Simply put, yes you can. That’s one of the best parts about getting fleet insurance – you can insure all different types of vehicles on one policy – so if you have two lorries, a van and a car, you can insure them all on one policy!

What types of cover can you get for your fleet insurance quote?

UK fleet insurance follows the same suit as most motor policies which means it includes:

  • Comprehensive fleet insurance
  • Third party fire and theft insurance
  • Third party only fleet insurance

Who can drive on your fleet insurance?

Most fleet insurance policies can be tailored to meet the specifications of the policy holder which means cover can be arranged for ‘any licensed driver’ if you wish it – you can also name drivers in order to bring your premiums down.

That’s all the basics of fleet insurance covered – as you can see, it’s an opportunity that no fleet owner can afford to lose out on.

Of course, if you have any more questions or you’re looking for fleet insurance, you can get in contact with us, as we specialise in finding the best quotes for our clients. You can get in touch online, or by calling 0333 202 3173.

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