WOW! Insure Fleet clients renew at 100% retention in July

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At  Insure Fleet, we have always been proud of our renewal / retention rate, which is usually around the 85-90% mark.

But in July, for the first time ever, we reached an astonishing 100% retention rate from our fleet clients. Bear in mind that we have 100′s of clients due for renewal each month.

We are very pleased with this stat for the following reasons:

1) It clearly demonstrates that our rates are still as keen as ever and some of the best in the market

2) Our fleet insurance clients are so pleased with our levels of customer service, they do not feel inclined to shop around at renewal time.

We put lots of resource into our fleet insurance clients – they are operational businesses that need great service – and this is one of the reasons why we won “Business of the Year 2012″ as voted by member of the East Cheshire Chamber.

Rest assured we won’t rest on our laurals and will continue to obtain great prices coupled with superb service.

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