Close up of vehicle gearstick

Reversing your vehicle safely

Reversing a vehicle, whether it is a car or van, can be a difficult task with a lot of dangers involved. In fact, many accidents occur when vehicles are reversing slowly, due to blind spots, poor planning and lack of skill.

Tips for Safety

When you can avoid reversing, do so. Otherwise, follow these safety tips:

  • Reverse slowly and never hurry through the process. Keep the vehicle in control at all times.
  • If you have doubts about what is behind you or if space is too tight, do not reverse.
  • Make use of your rearview mirrors and rear window before and during the process; don’t open your door to look behind you.
  • Reverse only as far as needed and then proceed forward to move the vehicle the rest of the way.
  • Back in and then drive out going forward when parking in a car park.
  • Place a cone behind your vehicle when parking if you will need to back out later. This will allow you to maintain clearance if a vehicle parks behind you.
  • If you are in a blind spot, beep your horn twice or sound your backup alarm before backing.
  • Watch out for overhead power lines or any other obstructions that you may come in contact with.
  • Do not reverse your vehicle around corners or slip roads on the motorway.
  • Walk around the entire vehicle looking for hazards and remove them if necessary.


Strongly consider using a spotter when reversing your vehicle. When using a spotter, follow these general rules:

  • Make contact with your spotter at all times. If you cannot hear and see him or her, do not reverse until you can.
  • Agree on hand signals that the spotter will use to signal you to reverse and stop.
  • Ask the spotter to walk around the vehicle and survey the backing area to check for hazards. Have him or her check your overhead clearance as well.
  • Make sure the spotter is at least 2 metres away from the vehicle before you begin to reverse.

Make sure the safety of your employees and fleet of vehicles are protected and safe at all times. Whether this is by following our top tips, or having the best insurance in place for your business.

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