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Commercial Insurance

Because we are part of a wider team - Brown & Brown - we are able to not only provide a service for fleet vehicles but also Commercial Insurance if you need it.


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Business Interruption

Unexpected events like natural disasters, fires, or other unforeseen circumstances can disrupt normal business operations and lead to financial losses and potential closure. Business Interruption Insurance also provides protection by covering the loss of income during the period when your business is unable to operate.

Having business interruption insurance as part of a Commercial Insurance policy is vital for protecting the financial stability of your business and allows it to thrive in the face of unexpected disruptions.

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Goods in transit

Goods In Transit Insurance is an important aspect of the smooth running of your business, as it can help to protect you from: theft of goods in transit, damage caused to goods by either traffic accidents or the transit process and loss of goods during transit.

Therefore having Goods In Transit Insurance is vital for businesses involved in transporting goods, as it aims to maintain customer satisfaction and can help to prevent any significant financial loss.

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance could protect your position as a director, partner or officer of a company, for claims made against you in connection with your role. You may find that you have extra responsibilities within this role, so by having Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, you can gain peace of mind that you can be protected against any possible risks.

It works to protect directors, officers, partners and other company leaders in the event they stand accused of a wrongful act, such as: Breach of duty of care, breach of trust, negligent errors, defamation, health and safety failure, causing pollution and mismanagement of pension schemes.

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Commercial Combined Insurance

Commercial Combined Insurance could offer broad protection for businesses, doing so by combining multiple covers into one single policy. This type of cover can provide a wide range of different cover options, tailored to the specific needs of your business, which can help you to simplify the whole insurance process.