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Guaranteed Vehicle Cover

Having a vehicle breakdown is an issue for all motor drivers – but when your business relies on your fleet, having a vehicle out of action can be a nightmare.

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In the unfortunate event of an accident or theft, Guaranteed Vehicle Cover from Insure Fleet can help to take away the stress and ensure that your business can continue with limited interruption. If your vehicle needs to be repaired or gets stolen, Guaranteed Vehicle Cover provides a replacement vehicle promptly, allowing you to carry on with business as usual.

With Guaranteed Vehicle Cover, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business will not be affected if the unexpected happens.

Policy options (dependant on policy taken)

Replacement vehicle

Following an accident whilst the vehicle is being repaired.

Replacement vehicle

After theft of a vehicle, whilst insurance claim is settled.

Bespoke cover available

For a range of vehicles and duration of cover.

14 or 28 days’ cover

(chosen at inception)

Replacement vehicle

Normally provided within 48 hours of an incident.