The benefits of Telematics for your fleet

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There are many benefits of getting Telematics for your fleet. Telematics devices are installed in vehicles to collect and transmit data relating to the drivers’ performance and usage using GPS and onboard diagnostics. Information such as speed, breaking and distance are monitored by yourself and your insurer. The driver can also monitor their own driving through a mobile or tablet app to give them better understanding of their own ability and recognise areas to improve.


Benefits of Telematics


Reduce Operational Costs

Telematics can keep drivers updated about upcoming traffic concerns or road hazards, offer rerouting options and route optimisation and locate petrol stations. This can help contribute towards improved fuel efficiency and reduced operational costs.

Encourage Safe Driving

Telematics can help drivers to better monitor their own driving habits and detect areas for improvement that they may not have previously been aware of. They also encourage speed limit compliance.

Improve Fleet Security

Telematics allow fleet managers to easily keep track of all of their vehicles in real-time. Employers can also detect the location and route of any stolen vehicles through telematics tracking. This can simplify vehicle recovery.

Ensure Vehicle Maintenance

Telematics software can detect a range of vehicle breakdown and maintenance problems such as engine issues and diagnostic concerns. This can enable scheduled maintenance and alert the driver to problems before they worsen.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Records can be managed digitally using telematics, rather than manually, which can save time allowing employees to be better utilised. For example, driving hours and other information can be automatically logged. Using digital instead of physical records also improves communication and access to information.

Incentivise your drivers

As a fleet owner you could also use telematics to incentivise your drivers. Using a reward system may encourage a conscious effort to focus on efficiency and safety. It has also been suggested that the use of telematics increases job satisfaction as drivers are able to work with more clarity and efficiency due to the additional information and communication that they have access too.

Do you have telematics? Get in touch with an insurance professional such as insureFleet to see if telematics could get you a preferable insurance policy. By demonstrating consistent safe driving, your insurer may offer you reduced premiums as you pose less of an accident risk.

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